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Bitumen is a common binder used in road construction. It is principally obtained as a residual product in petroleum refineries after higher fractions like gas, petrol, kerosene and diesel, etc., are removed. Indian Standard Institution defines Bitumen as a black or dark brown non-crystalline soil or viscous material having adhesive properties derived from petroleum crude either by natural or by refinery processes.

Industrial Bitumen

Product Description Application Packing
Semi blown(Paving)
60/70, 30/40

Fully blown grades
85/25, 85/40, 90/15, 90/20, 115/15, 135/10, 155/15

As per
IS: 73-1992 & IS:702-1992 and many more grades
Petroleum Bituminous Residue from refineries modified by the oxidation process into different grades Waterproofing, Plasticity, Adhesiveness and Resistance Towards Acid-Alkali Reactions

15/20 kg. Slabs,

18/20 kg Drums,

180/200 kg Barrels


Waterproofing Materials

We hold expertise in offering superior grade Waterproofing Materials. They are used protect structural components, buildings, and installations from the harmful effects of water and chemically corrosive fluids, such as acids and alkalies. Our Waterproofing Materials are widely acclaimed for their efficacy and ensure easy application. We hygienically pack Waterproofing Materials in optimum grade packaging material to preserve all its properties for long. Further, Waterproofing Materials can be purchased at highly competitive prices.

Water – Proofing Materials

Product Description Application Packing
Plastic Joint
IS : 1580 – 1969
IS : 424-1965
A cold applied plastic bituminous roofing compound, unaffected by temperature changes For repairs of leaky roof, protection of underground steel tanks, sealing joints of rain water pipes – used as a railway wagon sealing compound

25 kgs.
250 kgs.

Bitubond - 90 A specially prepared cold bituminous adhesive. For sticking roofing felts on sloping and horizontal surfaces of metal, masonry, timber, etc.

18 kgs.
180 kgs.


Expansion Joints

We are the market leading supplier of branded expansion jointing materials to many Builder’s and Merchants, throughout India. From small independents, to Buying Groups and Nationals, you will find our products, wherever you are based.
We have the widest range of standard sizes and thicknesses available ex stock.
All our expansion jointing materials are sold through reputable Builder’s Merchants, who will be happy to advise on their particular uses and applications. We will be happy to advise your nearest stockist or to help you directly with any technical support.

Expansion Jointing Materials

Product Description Application Packing
Expandrex preformed joint filler
IS: 1838/1961
A fibrous bitumen impregnated joint filler which is elastic and rot proof. For use in construction between concrete slabs in roads, runways, floors, bridge decks, etc.

Available in
12mm/18mm/25mm thickness

Expandrex sealing  compound
IS: 1834/1961
Grade A

A rubberized hot applied sealing compound, withstands extremes of temperature without becoming brittle or soft. Used in combination with expandrex joint filler in preformed gaps in concrete construction.

20 kgs.

Expandrex primer A primer for cold application derived from selected grade of bitumen and mineral oils For painting the sides of gaps in concrete before the sealing compound is poured, for improved adhesion

20 litres
200 litres


Anti Corrosive Black Bituminous Paints

Anti Corrosive Black Bituminous Paint is a specially formulated anti-corrosive, tasteless, odourless, non-toxic and black bituminous coating for protecting the internal surface of storage water tanks, pipes, etc. from corrosion. It provides corrosion protection coating to all types of iron, steel including drums and masonry or concrete surfaces for fixing glass panels on building elevation.corrosion.

Anti-Corrosive Bituminous Paints

Product Description Application Packing
G.P. Black
IS: 158/1968
A general purpose bituminous anti-corrosive paint of medium viscosity. For painting steel structures above ground and inside of drinking water tanks either metal or concrete against corrosion.

20 litres
200 litres


B. P. Black

A special bituminous paint resistant to petroleum oils and solvents. For painting steel drums, stoving or air drying with  glossy finish.

20 litres
200 litres

M.P. Black
IS: 1404/1970

A special bituminous paint resistant to acids, alkali and salt solutions. Recommended for ship bottoms and hulls and also protection for steel and wood which has constant contact with water.

20 litres
200 litres

Bitu gloss aluminum A ready mixed bituminous aluminum paint. Recommended for steel surfaces as well as finishing coat on bitumen felts, applied on roofs of buses, rail, coaches, etc. also on electric poles and finishing coat on lagged pipes.

20 litres
200 litres


Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen Emulsion is an area where technological progress is still being made to meet the requirements of pavement engineering. They are currently less favored than the cationic emulsions, as cationic emulsions coat the aggregates more efficiently due to their positive load and have therefore better adhesion properties. Cationic Emulsion is both more favored and more widely used.

Bitumen Emulsions

Product Description Application Packing
S. O. Emulsion-10 An aqueous emulsion derived from special grade of bitumen and mineral oils. Gives effective protection against corrosion for railway lines, steel-railway coaches and rolling stock.

20 kgs.
200 kgs.


S. O. Emulsion-20

A rubbery bituminous emulsion As a sound deadener under body coating of new and old automobiles.

20 kgs.
200 kgs

S. O. Emulsion-30

A stable clay type emulsion derived from selected grades of bitumen. For cold and hot insulation, protects underground pipes against corrosion.

20 kgs.
200 kgs


Compounds and sealers

A premium-quality, clear curing, sealing and hardening compound for new or existing concrete and masonry. The 25% solids and high quality resin make this the premier cure and seal on the market.

Compounds and Sealers

Product Description Application Packing


A special adhesive having strength, resistance and water proof properties for cold application. For sticking thermocole, fiber glass felt, cork, fixing glazed tiles to masonry surfaces, etc.

20 kgs.
200 kgs


A bituminous adhesive for hot application. For sticking roofing felts, etc.

20 kgs.
200 kgs


Bitumious Mastics and Cable Compounds


Bituminous Mastics and Cable Compounds

Product Description Application Packing

S.O. Cable compound
BS: 1858/1973
IS: 7084/1973

A bitumen based hot applied compound manufactured in different grades i.e. Class I to Class Vi. Used as filling material for cable box jointing; suited for accessories operating at high temperature.

12/20 kg slabs.


S.O. Mastic asphalt
IS: 1195/1958

A special grade hot application compound containing selected aggregates.. For making water proof light duty floors for foot traffic and heavy duty floors for factories.

20 kgs. / Blocks

S.O. Bitumastic
Pipe coating

A bituminous hot application compound with selected mineral fillers. For protection of steel pipes against varied soil conditions..

250 kgs.

S.O. Bitumastic primer. A primer for cold application derived from selected bitumen and petroleum solvents. For painting the pipes, before the mastic is poured.

20 liters
200 liters

S.O. Battery sealing compound
IS: 3116-1965

A special non toxic hot applied bituminous sealing compound. Used as leak proof sealing compound for lead acid batteries. 12/20 kgs. slabs.
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